Other Father
Background information
Feature films Coraline
Television programmes
Video games Coraline Game
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names Pumpkin, real father (all by Other Mother
Personality Kind, happy, helpful (in the end of his life)
Occupation Other Mother's Minion and Husband
Affiliations Bad, later Good
Goal give Coraline the 1st ghost eye
Home Other World
Allies Coraline Jones, Black Cat,

Other Wybie, Other Mother (Formerly), His gloves (Formerly)

Enemies Other Mother, His Gloves
Minions His Gloves (formerly)
Likes Foods, playng the Piano, Coraline Jones, His Gloves (formerly)
Dislikes Other Mother, Other Mother Makes Him Do anything, His Gloves
Powers and abilities Piano skills
Fate Going down and Drowns in the water
Quote Take This (his Last words)

So sharp you won't feel a thing

Hello Coraline (his first words)

Other Father is a (former) Secondary Antagonist and a minor protagonist/character in Coraline Film.


He's a happy father-doll he likes Coraline Jones, he likes to eat food when he's hungry, when he was attacking Coraline he wasn't attack her, the glove made him do it but then he threw the 1st ghost eye to Coraline (he was helpful).


He dosn't like Other Mother because she kick's her leg, make her and do eerything for herEdit

He's kind of acting like a good guyEdit

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