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Coraline Jones
Background information
Feature films coraline
Television programmes
Video games coraline game
Park attractions
Voice Dakota Fanning
Performance model
Inspiration Coraline Jones in the book.
Character information
Other names Caroline
Personality Adventourose, strong attitude, brave, Annoyed
Appearance White skin colore, blue hair.
Occupation the black cat's friend/boss
Affiliations good
Goal To save her parents and the three ghost children.
Allies The Black Cat (Coraline), ghost children, Other Mother (formely), Wybie Lovat, Other Wybie, Other Father
Enemies Other Mother, Wybie Lovat (in the start)
Minions the black cat (sometimes)
Likes Adventure
Dislikes boring life.
Powers and abilities
Fate Talks to Wybie's Grandma about the her sister.
Quote no, I'm NOT!!

Coraline Jones is the main protagonist of Henry Selick's 2009 film Coraline. She's a eleven year old girl who wishes for a better life since her parents have no time for her.


Coraline's apearience consists of her wearing a yellow raincoat and blue trousers. She also has blue hair with a dragonfly shaped decoration in it.


Coraline's personality consists of her being an adventures child with a strong atitude. She can get easily annoyed especially when people confuse her name with Caroline. When she's annoyed with Wybie she calls him names like why were you born or the Wybie that talks, since in the other world the Other Wybie can't talk.

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